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Cosmic Cowboy

3D Animator for White Snake Projects, 2022.

I am the 3D animator from June-September 2022, where I collaborated with Curvin and Cerise on refining the 3D animation based on feedback in Maya 2023. Curvin provided the 3D models and rigs. I animated Cooper the Robot (main focus in the show), Tia the Goddess and Marduk the God. I used various visual video references to animate the robot, hand gestures, body gestures and dance moves. The final animation got shown at Emerson Paramount Center Theatre.  


Amazons Among Us

Lesley University 3D Gig 2022 using Maya 2023

Collaboration with Ms. Baker and Donna to make her wood sculpture female warriors come to life. I modeled, rigged, animated and rendered in Maya 2023. The videos are put together using Premiere Pro. Through feedback and changes over time, I learned the skills on making smoother and believable character animation. I considered the weight, balance, timing of animation following Sarah's storyboard. My 3D animation is featured at Kniznick Gallery at an exhibition called “Amazons, Goddesses, and Wonder Women: A Fulbright Journey'', going on November 1st through 23rd. It takes place at Brandeis University Women's Studies Research Center, Epstein Building located at 515 South Street in Waltham, MA.

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A Survivor's Odyssey-3D Animator of Pigs

Remote Animation Job August-September 2021

I am the 3D animator for the pigs in "A Survivor's Odyssey: The Journey of Penelope and Circe". I used the program Unreal Engine 4 for the pig's head and body animation combined, then I worked on setting up cameras. I used Blender for modifying the model and texturing the pigs in Photoshop, using a pink pig model from Unreal. I used Autodesk Maya to fix the pig's rig skeleton so Unreal can accept the FBX file. I worked closely with Cerise for updates, Roger for any technical issues uploading to Github, worked with Baker on making sure my animation matches up with her storyboard, and I worked with Curvin on fixing the pigs. I also made sure to update with everyone on the team on my pig animation progress.

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Summer Internship June 21-August 13 2021, Innovators for Purpose

3D Animation Mentor

Here are the pictures from the Summer Internship, Innovators for Purpose, as a mentor teaching students STEAM skills of 3D animation. The skills I taught to the students are setting up image or video references for 3D modeling/animation, 3D modeling a model from a cube (box modeling method), using different tools during the modeling process making sure it is low polygon, adding textures for color, setting up a rig, weight painting a rig so it can deform properly, taught 12 Principles of Animation, did animation loops for video game, saving projects, uploading to the cloud on Google Drive, and importing the model into a game engine to be tested for web game development. The 3D program students used are called Blender. The students also learned how to import and export models with animation data using Mixamo characters from Adobe.


As a mentor, the teaching method that is very effective for the students is leaving sticky notes of tips and advice next to the students, like a step by step process, writing on the white board, and making slideshow presentations for the students to follow along. I would also create my own videos and send it to the students. I provide links to YouTube, Google websites or forums on the slideshow if there is helpful information provided. I would send links to the students using a communication program, Slack. I worked with students in-person at Cambridge Public Library for three days Monday-Wednesday, Thursday using Zoom at home, and Friday is a fun group activity.

On Zoom, I can send presentation links to the students. I would ask students to show me their progress by sharing the screen, which happens only on Thursdays. I also have accommodations for the internship, which is my ASL Interpreters. On Fridays, I would participate in fun activities with other mentors and students, like eating pizza, board games, going outside.


Thank you to all of the mentors, the internship leaders, the students, and my interpreters for this amazing experience.