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Fractured Mosaics

3D Animator, December 2022-April 2023

"Fractured Mosaics" was a Live virtual online play that was shown on April 1st and 3rd. Animated in Maya 2023, the Live play was shown through Unreal Engine. Collaborated with Cerise Lim Jacobs, Opera Maker and the CGI Team from White Snake Projects. Worked remotely as a team.


Cosmic Cowboy

3D Animator for White Snake Projects, 2022.

I am the 3D animator from June-September 2022, where I collaborated with Director of Innovation and Executive Producer on refining the 3D animation based on feedback in Maya 2023. Director of Innovation provided the 3D models and rigs. I animated Cooper the Robot (main focus in the show), Tia the Goddess and Marduk the God. I used various visual video references to animate the robot, hand gestures, body gestures and dance moves. The final animation got shown at Emerson Paramount Center Theatre.  

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A Survivor's Odyssey-3D Animator of Pigs

Remote Animation Job August-September 2021

I am the 3D animator for the pigs in "A Survivor's Odyssey: The Journey of Penelope and Circe". I used the program Unreal Engine 4 for the pig's head and body animation combined, then I worked on setting up cameras. I used Blender for modifying the model and texturing the pigs in Photoshop, using a pink pig model from Unreal. I used Autodesk Maya to fix the pig's rig skeleton so Unreal can accept the FBX file. I worked closely with Executive Producer for updates, worked with Unreal Technical Artist for any technical issues uploading to Github, worked with Associate Professor and Department Chair at Lesley University on making sure my animation matches up with her storyboard, and I worked with Director of Innovation on fixing the pigs. I also made sure to update with everyone on the team on my pig animation progress.



Internship - White Snake Project - Digital Opera

I collaborated with the Lesley University Team in White Snake Projects "Alice in the Pandemic". I animated the girl Alice using Adobe Animate, using the puppet rig and tween animation. I created an artwork that got featured in the blog and the Program book.
Project - Fall 2020 September - October.

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